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Changing Tires

Hello my name is Willy'm 19, 1, 87 tall, dark and short man from my 10 years, I live in the interior of Santa Catarina, which will tell you happened a few weeks ago ...
I got my first driver's license, and to celebrate I went for a drive, but not everything that we plan happens, happened to fall a lady storm, and I was about 30 km from home, I decided to return, but in a car tire the curve sticks and I am obliged to stop looking for a tire repair shop where you could change the tire, but the closest and one was about 8 km ahead ...
Upon arriving at the tire repair shop, it was open, but the tire repairman I have not found, parked the car in a place that could get out without getting wet, and went to look for the small tire repair shop window that was not very big, I saw lying tire repairman on a mattress on the ground, and covered with a dusty old covered, he was about my age ...
I walked through the door, and get bumped into something noisy, he woke up and sat on the mattress, covered in her lap, greeted him, and told him that the tire was punctured ...
When you lift the cover falls and I saw that he was naked, he began searching his clothes, but not found, it was half stoned on liquor, and then he asked me to help look for his shorts and shirt, but as was a mess that borracharia would be hard to find ...
He told me he could not change the car's tire naked, I got a tire that was on the floor and underneath was shorts jeans all dirty grease, and torn in his pockets, I handed him the shorts, and he put so even dirty and torn, and I making a fool of me, asked if he would not put his shorts before, but he told me he was not wearing underwear, since he was a child, he got used to run out and he liked to let loose animal and to work underwear hindered, (I have the hots for man who does not wear underwear) ...
He turned a large part of the car and down there was a dirty old tank top came to be yellowish, he put her and went to see my car tire, but when I took the spare tire to replace him was also stuck. ..
The tire repairman said arranging the two, I said I could fix, if not cost very expensive, he told me not to worry about the price, which would hit the value after ...
To get down to fix the tire, his shorts ripped in the ass and she was showing up, I started to get excited, and got to sit on a stool to disguise to lower the volume of pants ...
I wear very loose clothing, and consequently I was with boxer shorts, so the cock got hard and showing up. After 1 hour he finally fixed the two tires, and I asked how much it cost the repairs he said he had the amount, R$ 150, 00 but I found the price too high, he told me I had only one alternative that was for me to suck your cock and give her ass, he would not charge anything, as that was what I was wanting even just accepting ...
In the meantime he closed the tire repair and tore my clothes, threw me on the mattress and pulled his stick it out and put in my mouth, sucked to not take it anymore, he put me 4, put the condom on the stick and put in my ass without having a tinge of regret, thrust and sinking faster and faster, punching and punching ...
I moaned and wanted more and more, it looked like the guy had never eaten someone in life, clamber not even want more, and when he was really about to come, took the stick from my ass, took the condom and made me suck again his thick, hot milk filled my mouth, swallowed it all without spilling anything, and then he and I dressed up and went to recompose, offered me a snack ...
After he told me to offer a snack I realized that he lived in his own tire repair shop, so I found out why the mattress tava on the floor.
The rain got worse and could not get out of there because it would get wet all over, but I wanted to leave, he was in the car, put the tire and I kept the spare, at the time I start the car, the engine did not work, was cold and wet there was so much rain, I could not go home ...
After call home and tell the people what had happened, he said he would sleep at a friend's house and return home the next day ...
When I hung up the phone, the guy said he had another mattress and it was for me to sleep there with him because she felt very lonely in that tire repair shop, and the other day he was going to call a friend of his who is a mechanic to fix the engine my car, I agreed it was the only alternative I had entered the tire repair shop and I said I would take a shower (luckily had a bathroom) and he waited ...
After about 10 minutes I returned, and he was bathing, entered and locked the door a few minutes later he left the bathroom, and was dry, I told him I needed dry clothes because mine was wet from the rain, he gave me an outfit her to use because we were the same height, served perfectly, I used to without underwear pants too, because as he did not use, he had no underwear on, and went to sleep, he pulled the two mattresses and slept agarradinhos and together as a couple.
The next day we woke up early, my clothes had dried and I changed mine, and he called mechanical pro, in half an hour he would arrive in the meantime also gave him another blow job in the bludgeon, and he gave me his hot milk in the mouth I swallowed everything and the mechanic arrived, parked the car engine ...
The tire repairman gave me his phone and said that if I wanted more treatment, it was just appear there at any time that he was there, got in the car, started the engine and said goodbye to him, I promised that when needed "service" go there he said he was waiting for me, and even invited me to go to bathe in the river that passes there near the city, said he would rather it was just us combine, I said goodbye and walked away, wondering what had happened, had because loved had never slept with a tire repairman, and on top was a super nice guy, I was thinking and waiting to combine to go bathing in the river city ... I am very anxious waiting for that day arrives, to see my man again, but this story's coming next.

The biggest dick ever

My name is Dario, I'm 18, I'm white, brown hair and brown eyes and 1.80 meters tall and 78 kg.
I'll report here a story that happened to me in a barracks. For security, I changed the names in the story.
Early last year, I was admitted to a military course. We lived there in boarding school, we were stuck all week and only on Sunday morning were released to leave, to go back on Monday morning. There, he lived in a room with 5 more companions. On account of being a course of difficult access, there were people from different parts of Brazil there.
One of these was called Peter. It was a beautiful brunette, who had come from Salvador, Bahia. Although it was a little lower than I had a very tasty body. Had light brown skin and her stomach had no hair. He was lean and well defined abdomen. Peter had a beautiful smile too white teeth and a way of speaking that deeply moved me. As always we were comfortable in our room, I just watched with a voracious desire to have him in my arms.
Over time, all the barracks were creating a great friendship with each other. The same did not fail to happen with me and Peter. We became great friends. I discovered that he had a girlfriend, right here in the city. However, throughout the year, he always cheated on her with other girls. I went out for late nights and drank a lot, and again returned to the barracks falling down drunk.
When he bathed and wrapped in towel back to the room, I soon became aware. When he took to wear underwear, I had a vision that drove me crazy. His penis, not even standing upright was very large. He was also a beautiful ass and rigid and his legs were strong and muscular. Their backs were well delineated.
Therefore, the staff of the room began to play with him, saying he had "the biggest cock of Brazil" and other games like that. He sheepishly, always denied. But I knew it was just modesty.
In the evenings, I could not go, and I was in the barracks same. I was fast asleep when, at about 5 o'clock morning, I hear a noise. It was Pedro, reaching the party alone. It was a strong smell of alcohol. Making noises with his mouth and staggering, he fell next to me in bed. He spoke the name of his girlfriend and tried to kiss my cheek. I got scared at the time, but the smell of alcohol and the newborn his beard brushing against my face excited me. He made motions with his hips, as if wanting to penetrate the girlfriend he imagined to be there.
Despite the desire raging within me, I was rational and sent him to take a bath and go to sleep. He got up, took off all her clothes, grabbed a stack of small radio that was there, turned it on and started dancing, under the influence of drink. His penis was erect and he was wet with sweat.
I took him to the shower with cold water, unable to take his eyes from his tool. Controlling me, I put it to sleep in his bed, and I went to mine. I could not sleep that night without masturbating, thinking of him.
The next day, the room staff was not there said they had brought him before because he was very drunk, and that left the room and returned to continue drinking with others. So he had come alone.
Pedro, lucid this time, came to thank me for care of him when he arrived.
A week later, we were in physical education hours, and the activity was run. As I had fulfilled my hours, I returned to the room to put the bathing suit in order to make swimming. When I got there, there was no one except Peter, who was only short of physical education, doing pushups on the floor.
He saw when I arrived.
"Killing class too, Darius?" He asked.
"No, just I come change. I'm going to the pool."
He got up and approached me. I shuddered.
"You know, one day ... What I got, and I was wrong ... I remember everything. I noticed that you kept looking at me. I also realized that sought to pull on my dick 'unwittingly'."
It was true, but not admitted. I did not have to say anything, though.
"I do not criticize you not," he said. "I give all the support to homosexuals. Come here, I have not thanked you right ..."
And he gave me a tight hug. I felt so tight, her legs, her pretty hard cock through the shorts.
In the long kiss on the mouth, and down, lowered his shorts to the knee. He was without underwear. I touched on that cock I so desired, I wanted to have for almost a year and had never achieved. I put it in his mouth and sucked with ease. Peter's eyes closed and he gave a groan of pleasure. Soon, he lay on the bed and held my head, his mouth still hard cock and started fucking strong.
Unable to contain myself, saliva dripped from the corners of my mouth, and dripped into his bag. He did not stop, he was insatiable.
still paying the blowjob, I put my hands on his ass and pressed, warning him to stop.
"Sorry," he said. "A couple of months I do not have sex, or knock umazinha ... I'm going crazy."
I nodded, the frill whole face.
He forced his penis again against my lips, and I relented. His head fell back with pleasure, as I sucked frantically, running his hands through his set abdomen.
When I felt his cock throb harder, I knew he was going to come. Unable to leave, he came into my mouth, forcing my head against his hip.
The hot cum trickled from the corners of my mouth. Although not see, I felt strong jets in my throat.
I had a little anxiety at the time, but it was what I wanted. Feel his net.
Soon after, he dropped his hands down my body to my shorts. I masturbated until I came.
After all, we held each other tight, and he told me he was very happy and wanted to continue with this our relationship.
Even today, after that, only we had one sex. But that's another story to tell.

Sucking my cousin 

Well, I'll tell you now my erotic thing I had with my cousin a few months ago.

My cousin is a year younger than me, dark, tall, has a slim body, shaved and has a roll very thick, big and juicy. I had already suckled him at other times, even tried anal but I confess that I was afraid of that big dick hurt my ass.

On a trip to the ranch since late afternoon, we were I, he and my sister in the room playing a horror little game on the phone, I was already dying to suck it up and realized that he was horny too because every time he spoke something rascal looking at me. I suggested that we disconnected the light to the game become more exciting.

With No light, I lay down next to him and started stroking his dick over his short, I was feeling her stiffening, he began to move his hand on my butt. After stroking some minutes he put his hand inside his underwear and started to hit a light wank him, he began to move his finger around my ass penetrating light. Soon my sister left the room to go eat was when I closed the door and went to him, lowered his shorts and took that thick and huge dick, started to suck tasty, he put his hand on my head for me to go deeper, I tried to swallow everything but that big dick was too big. He groaned tasty horny as I drooled that delicious black dick.

We were interrupted with my sister knocking to get into the room, it was when I stopped, then we tried to climb again but I've lost the will. I regret to this day have not given my ass for him.

Fucking with my father in law

I took a day of my play and my future wife and I went to her house to have sex a little, also taking advantage of her parents were not home. Had sex about four hours at a time, when we heard a ring tone: it was her father who came to pick up some documents and he had forgotten his keys at home.

I did not know who it was, and I answered the door wearing only a towel around his waist. When I came across my future father in law, I felt a huge chill and I was totally terrified. He noticed what was happening, I glared up and down and said nothing. I greeted him with a "hi" and took them such roles came for, leaving right away without even saying goodbye to anyone. I instantly lost all lust that had brought me to the house of my future wife and I left.

One day, I needed to take a little trip to the city of Jacarezinho, on business, just that I could not go there because I've never been to those parts before. Coincidentally, my father (future father) also had to go to those nearby because it has a place and have to solve some problems with your property.

Ignoring the day I was caught in the act with his daughter, he invited me to go together to Jacarezinho and went. In the middle of the trip, it was about a 22 hours and everything was very dark. To make matters worse, dropped a very heavy rain. We decided to stop and spend the night in a roadside small hotel. We decided to stay together, the two in a single large room with two double beds and a suite.

We both were still kind of relied on each other, and therefore decided to stay in the same room to "end" with our grudges. I was taking a bath. After I finished the bath, it was his turn and he was. I decided to wear my pajamas and watch a pornographic movie on the hotel television. When my father finished his bath, he wore only a sweatshirt of shorts.

When I looked at him, something in me changed: I saw a very handsome man, strong, still young (I was 28 and he 38 years old) and much higher than I using a scandalous short stressed that all his male anatomy. I confess that I've always been too crazy about woman and never even noticed in man, but he, my father, had something special that I did not know what it was. The volume on your short was very beautiful. I stared endlessly, but I tried to disguise all the time; just I do not know if I could do it.

He sat on a nearby TV chair, and stayed there, all at ease only shorts and held open pernonas (I confess I gave up to see his bag wanting to leave short). He asked what I was seeing; I replied and watched together. In the middle of pornographic film, I realized he was very focused on the film (should be enjoying it) and his cock was pretty hard. I could not stand the scene and also my cock got hard (just not the film, but for it). He looked at me and saw that I was excited. Then he said, "You're also enjoying this film I think yeah, because you're at gunpoint, he he he?" I was embarrassed and said nothing (he did not even know why I was in that state).

Then he started telling advantages: "Since you will be my son in law next week, I'll tell you things you will know it:. I'm the biggest pussy eater the world has ever seen." Also he said: "Take this your durinha piroquinha from within your underwear for me to see if my daughter will be happy or not."

When I heard that, I felt a boner fucking that made my cock harden even more. Without thinking twice, I took my cock and showed him. He then looked through that too seriously, and said, "Oh, that guy, you can see that you will have to do a lot of exercise and eating too much beans to get to be like this my cock?". Speaking this, he took his and showed me: wonderful thing that made me enjoy the time just to see.

I confess that I have seen many naked men in the locker room where I was, but had never seen such a beautiful man with a stick as big as that. He put the "animal" and went to sleep. He must be very tired from the trip and still had drunk a few beers ... I did not want to sleep. I went to the bathroom trying to hit a hand job, but could not. It was not wank what I wanted. Ten or fifteen minutes later, I went to his bed and saw him snoring like a pig. He was lying on his chest upwards (and dick too). In fact, his dick was still harder than at the time showed me. It was so hard, that seemed to "want to rip" the sweat shorts. The tent it was so armed that could see everything inside the short- balls, bag skin, and by some of his belly.

I approached and decided to commit a folly that would put me forever wrong with him, I decided to take his short and release the stick's face. I went and did. The figure was ahead of me was really exciting and charming. A mast to envy any guy I know. All this without mentioning that he was a very handsome, strong and tall guy (already said that) - but did not say he had a 1.94 high. I felt an urge to mouth falling on his cock or climb into bed and sit to make the animal he opened my anus. I decided then put his mouth: but the time "H", he moved and I was terrified. I covered his dick again and went close. He only turned to the side and continued to sleep.

I decided to do the thing I was most sensible to do: go to the bathroom and jacking off thinking about him. The next day, I wore a suit and he put a shirt, it was not, and we went to have breakfast at the hotel. It was normal, good conversationalist; I, on the contrary was well caladão and nervous about everything. He noticed that I was kind of different and asked me if I was feeling good and I said yes. I wanted to take another look at his cock right there with him sitting. I pretended that dropped something on the floor just so I take a look at what would ever be mine. He was a charming man: big man, sitting astride and with such outrageous volume I would not dare to show if my volume. He practically had breakfast alone, because I had no head for anything.

We arrived at the site. On the second night I was there decided drunk my father to see if I had the courage to do something with it. He drank a lot, while I just pretended that I drank. The guy was dead drunk when I got close to him and grabbed his dick. He was stunned me, he sat in a chair to not fall and cursed me fagot, but calmed down soon. His cock grew quickly and he let me suck it. Then I went on cock and made him penetrate me to the stalk. I had never done anything so good in my life. He even hard-and even having used up my ass, still called me a bitch, fagot, broken into and the like.

He gave me a shove and tried to get up to give me a beating, but as was drunk, if desequilibrava and sat again. I apologized, the dress and tried to calm him as I could. I told him I felt horny, but did not dare to face him; so I used this trick to get satiate my animal instincts and homosexuals.

From that day to this day, he does not treat me like I was before my marriage with his daughter. Telling me no more jokes and even pulls matter to me about anything. Never will visit me and my wife, claiming that is busy and never invited me to go to some place like it did before. All right, me. At least he says "good morning, good afternoon and good night" and if one day I want to again suck his dick, or if he wants to suck mine, I will be more direct and objective, because, as it happened, not I need to be afraid of judgment or his disapproval.

My Naughty Uncle

When I was about 18, my mother and I moved to Grandma's house. It was a two-story house, I lived with my mother, grandmother and a sister of my mother.

The other sister lived with her husband at the top. My mother's older sister and a married sister was still young, my uncle was 30 years old then. Since we moved I felt a lot of looks at me.

I dated a girl at the time. However, he had been with a friend, where he had rolled snogging and one sucked and I tried to escape this desire.

I'm 1.80m, 65kg, hairless and always had a plump ass.

In Uncle Beto birthday I give you congratulations and hugged him when he ran his hand firmly on my ass. I thought it was a joke and did not care.

However, at the end of the night he came straight and told me that the birthday present he wanted was my ass.

I never said that I am a man (later I knew what I had said in secret to my mother about my wishes, had come to his ears).

The next day, he called me again and told me that his wife had put on weight and not releasing the tail, and I had a look that excited him and awakened many desires. This time, I went with the excuse that I am evangelical, that's not right ...

But of course you move too much with me. I began to notice him more, a little shorter than me, very strong, mulatto.

About a month later, my mother, aunts and grandmother have combined shopping and going out together an entire Saturday. My mother also said when we were all together, "perhaps men did not invent something to do together on Saturday."

Uncle Beto I stared for the first time, I smiled, showing that it was in order. Last night, hit me a fear and asked what my mother thought I go with them, but she said she was going to be very tight in the car, I'd better stay.

On Saturday morning, a mixture of fear and lust, I decided to take a shower and wash me and as soon as they left. As I imagined, Uncle Bob was waiting for me when I left. He wore only a pair of shorts and was waiting for me excited. I was nervous, none of us said anything.

He came up behind me, hugged me, kissed my neck. The towel fell, I took his hand and led him to my room.

There, he took out a gel, a condom, he approached me and said, "Stay calm, you'll like it," and kissed me on the mouth.

He felt my nervousness, put me on the bed and began to massage me calmly. It was in the back and down. When he reached the ass, he began to caress, kiss and was praising, calling me a delicious delight.

Of course I was me exciting and when he saw that I was right "softened", took off his shorts and left the stick close to my face. Uncle Bob has a lovely big dick: a 18cm thick, stubborn. I was licking and kissing very horny. He moaned in pleasure.

I felt her fingers, sticky with gel on my ass. When he put two fingers, I kissed him with love and said, "mete fondly so I always want."

He laid me and positioned the Big Cock. I was feeling the pressure. I was coming slowly and felt discomfort and some pain. But he took me tight and kiss me without giving me chance to complain.

Suddenly he gave a firm thrust, shoving all the stick. I screamed, he grabbed me firmly told me to be quiet. The pain was passing and I saw that he held the stick right there, waiting for my ass get used.

I was getting very hard cock and he began to eat, tender and tough. I came first, but then he felt cum in my ass. Delicious!

We went to the shower. Soon, I began to suck it until you feel it pretty hard again. He told me to go to bed and stay 4. Empinei the bootie, all offered and received a blowjob in the ass that made me delirious.

I begged him to eat me again and then I felt his fingers full of gel, preparing again. This time he shoved hard. I got used and was soon enjoying again being buggered.

He lay on his back and asked me to ride. It was a delight to sit in that delicious cock and look at Beto uncle's eyes. My chick was wilted after two squirting, and he first touched it.

I was mounted, blathering, moaning, kissing my uncle for a long time. Then he said he wanted to cum in my mouth.

The fucking snack taste was not unheard of for me, but of course it would be different. I sucked with gusto, absorbing all that joy.

We just snoozing. I felt it turns out, later, giving me a peck on the cheek. When the women arrived I pretended to be indisposed.

After that, he ate me a few more times. We had much desire, but also afraid to undo the familiar appearance.

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